Turning Pages,
Changing Lives.

Books are hard to come by in Uganda.  Even the books used in schools are owned by the teachers and the children don’t have access to them outside of the classroom.  It is hard to become a good reader without reading material.  At Namanya Memorial Library (NMCL), books are more than pages; we believe that each story read, each lesson learned, and each dream kindled has the power to reshape futures.


Community Library

We are open to children of all ages within our community. 

Whether they want to read a book to have a broader perspective on life, catch up on missed classes or use our academic resources to do research for a school project, our library is there to provide a safe quiet and comfortable space for them to learn and grow in all aspects of their lives.


Library Activities

Our activities range from daily to weekly and monthly. We believe that children learn best when they engage in fun activities.

We currently have the following activities running at NMCL:

  • Computer lessons
  • Homework + research
  • Reading Lessons
  • Board game tournaments
  • Creative workshops
  • Spelling Bee
These activities are usually competitive and there is always a winner to be crowned.

What drives Us


Igniting minds, illuminating futures. Education is our guiding light, empowering individuals to reach their full potential and shaping a brighter tomorrow.


Together, we thrive. Our sense of community is the heart of everything we do, fostering connections, shared growth, and collective empowerment.


Built on trust, sustained by truth. Integrity forms the backbone of our actions, ensuring transparency, accountability, and ethical excellence.


Honoring the past, shaping the future. The Namanya Legacy inspires us to make a lasting impact, creating a legacy of positive change for generations to come.

Hear from happy Beneficiaries

Hello, I’m Alex, a young learner who’s found more than just books at the Namanya Memorial Community Library. Thanks to the library’s reading lessons and research resources, I’ve discovered the joy of learning in a whole new way.

- Alex, 12 years old

As a parent, I’ve seen the remarkable impact of the Namanya Memorial Community Library on my child’s education. The library’s dedication to providing free reading materials and academic support has transformed my child’s learning journey.

- Nakazibwe Hellena

As a community leader, I’ve personally witnessed the incredible potential that the Namanya Memorial Community Library holds for transformation. It goes beyond being just a building; it stands as a symbol of hope and progress, channeling their enthusiasm towards education and self-development.

(LC 1 Chair person)

Our Reach

The Namanya Memorial Community Library is just the spark of the wild fire that is educating children and changing generations with one child at a time.

Celebrate Literacy

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